Hello, and welcome to my page! My name is Roman Miranda and I am an aspiring writer from Southern California. Fiction is my specialty and I am currently in the process of putting together several stories to be published here. One, I hope, to be novel-length.

I’ve published raw material before and it seemed to garner the attention of a few WordPress readers (thank you so much for your kind words, by the way). However, after actually reading the material with a clear head, I realized just how…really raw it all was. I honestly cringed when I read it back. I’ve since made the posts private to be reworked and improved.

A past mistake was setting/declaring deadlines for material. What ended up happening there was life stepping in the way and a temporary loss of interest in writing. The thought alone of opening notes and files became a chore. From now on I’ll try setting a mental deadline but won’t be as strict about it, forcing creativity is never a good idea.

In all, I’m hoping I can entertain you. I’m not exactly a deep thinker or a Wordy McWordenson, I honestly write what I know best (read: I think I has the dumb). Hopefully the serious writing community doesn’t find this a crime.



All downloadable written material will be available in .pdf and it is strongly recommended you have the latest FREE version of Adobe Reader to read Roman’s work.