Hello, and welcome to my page! My name is Roman Miranda and I am an aspiring writer from Southern California. Fiction is my specialty and I am currently in the process of putting together several stories to be published here.

Previously, in the heat of the moment, I posted raw material before and it caught a few WordPress readers’ eyes (thank you so much for your kind words, by the way). However, after reading the material with a clear head, I realized just how really raw it all was. After cringing, I made the posts private and they are being edited when I’m not busy.

Another mistake was setting and declaring deadlines for material to be published here — what was I thinking?! What ended up happening was life stepping in, as it does, and I’ve since left this blog collecting digital dust. Not intentionally, of course, I’ve just got my own bag of stuff to deal with.

With that stuff comes change, though. And with change comes inspiration. It’s taking a while, but I think it will be worth it in the end.


A Word About My Material
All written material I post here, unless otherwise stated, will be available for free download and on .pdf files. It is strongly recommended you have the latest FREE version of Adobe Reader to read my work.


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